UV Tanning

Cutting-Edge UV Tanning Technology

If you're looking for the best in UV tanning, we have highly engineered tanning equipment with top-of-the-line technology at all Zoom Tan locations. All locations offer the same level 5 booth at at every store to ensure you achieve maximum results. Our tanning booths are fast, warm, spacious and enjoyable with Zoom Tan Radio playing as a courtesy to help pass the time. We also offer Sunless Spray Tanning services with Versaspa and Norvell tanning booths.

Why Our UV Tanning Booths Are Better Than UV Tanning Beds

All of our UV tanning units are stand-up booths within their own private, lockable rooms for your safety and comfort. Our tanning equipment provides a full coverage tan without streaks and white spots that lay down tanning beds give you. They also ensure a cleaner tanning experience and a higher quality tan. Click HERE to read more about why stand up booths are preferred.

UV Tanning Options and Requirements

We offer individual UV sessions and memberships at all of our stores. Our age requirement for UV tanning varies by state so please check out our UV Tanning FAQs for more questions about pricing, policies and tips.

Click here to read about our spray tanning service:

Zoom Tan has private, comfortable and clean spray tanning rooms with norvells and versa pros

View looking down a Zoom Tan Hallway at the individual tanning rooms. Inside of a Zoom Tan Lobby. Zoom Tan has stand up level 5 UV booths.